Nick Wilson winner of the 2012 Missouri Amateur

Proud father and caddy

Nick Wilson winner of the 2012 Missouri Amateur
I’m so proud of my Nick, his hard work is finally paying off

My name is Katy Wilson, I’m a photographer in Rocheport, Missouri. I have a small studio in the basement of my home but I love going on location. My focus is on lifestyle photography and capturing those special moments that come and go so quickly. If I’m not out taking photos I’m spending time with my 4 boys….Nicholas, 23yrs. is my oldest son, Michael, 21yrs. my middle son, Chuck, 19yrs. my youngest son and Mike is my husband. 3 dogs…. Star is my black lab, Gracie is a yellow lab and Sheba is a heinz 57 rescue dog. 3 cats….Cosmo is my 18 yr. old rescued cat, Frankie is a calico cat that just showed up and decided to have a baby who I named Olive. Finally 3 horses… Sally is my 18 year old thoroughbred who I event, WingMan (Goose) is my 3 year old thoroughbred/trakhaner, he’s in basic training and last but not least Harley, my 6 year old mini. My family means to world to me, they are my inspiration!

I am really excited about my new website! Please browse through my blogsite and checkout my facebook for more previews of my work. I want to thank all my wonderful clients, friends and word of mouth!!! Please keep referring my name! I can’t wait to capture your memories for you and all all your family and friends to see!


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